Monday Morning Blues

Obi woke up on that Monday morning feeling excited. He sang through his shower. He has always taken time on his appearance and this morning was no different. By the time he finished, his grey suit was crisp and the morning sun bounced off his polished shoe.

It took him twenty five minutes to get to work only to realise that his office identity card was missing. He ruffled through his suit pockets and trousers, yet he could not find it. Christ! Even the drawer keys. He smiled at the security desk and then hurried off to his car.

Obi have driven for twenty minutes before he remembered that his office need to be told he will be late. He knew the office rule and has never for once been a rebel. He made a call to his line manager, who as Obi imagined, sounded unusually cold.

Ten minutes later, Obi have joined the long traffic jam leading to his office. ‘It isn’t your day son’, a voice said in his head.

Obi smiled.

When he finally made his way back to the office that morning, it was ten past eleven. ‘Hey, Obi. I have been looking for you.’ He turned and it was Diane, a ginger haired woman in her late thirties. Obi has known her for some years now in the office but was not sure what her position is. ‘Please come this way’, she said.

Obi followed behind her as she led the way to the conference room. There were already eight people waiting in the room.

Obi’s heart skipped a beat or two.

He helped himself to a glass of water in front of him as soon as he was offered a seat.

‘Morning, every one. This should be brief.’ Diane began. ‘Obi, did you receive the invitation concerning this meeting?’ Diane began. ‘No, not to my knowledge’ Obi said with parched lips.

She passed him a two paged document and a big relief suddenly enveloped Obi as he read through. He was being removed as Union Assistant Secretary due to non-participation in union activities since he wash nominated.

Obi smiled.

‘Do you have anything to say, Obi?’

Obi shook his head. ‘Nothing and if you don’t mind, I will really need to get back to my desk. ‘


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